COMMANDbatch and Integra in Action

Titan America recently delivered more than 6,000 cubic yards of high spec concrete for one continuous pour in Daytona Beach, Florida.  This mat pour will eventually top out at 32 stories of condo living residences.

Titan relies on COMMANDbatch and Command Alkon Moisture Probes for production, Integra software for dispatch, and Apex for bulk materians distribution. These products are the brains behind the scenes making projects like this run effectively and efficiently. We are happy to hear from JB, Logistics Manager from Titan America, that “we love Command Alkon, you guys are great, it’s great to be able to call you whenever we need anything!”

Titan America and Command Alkon are proud to know that the concrete shipped to this jobsite will be used to house families in a safe and modern structure for a 100 or more years from now.