Keynote Speakers to motivate, inspire, and offer humor to help you strategize for the future of your business.

Command Alkon’s ELEVATE conference will, of course, include all of the top notch product and user training and industry networking that have been the foundation of the conference’s success for many years.  Layered on top of that this year will be the addition of content and speakers to help you evaluate your company’s motivators, strategies, and business outcomes.  Three pivotal keynote addresses will shape some of the themes being covered at this year’s event.

Kenn Kington, Best-selling author, comedian, and motivational speaker

Kenn offers insights and focus to companies and their employees in the midst of change. When you hear KENN, rest assured you will be entertained, encouraged, challenged and inspired but the greatest benefit is that YOU will leave with more hope, clarity, insight and motivation to experience true success and significance. Kenn’s keynote will center around focus, anticipation, initiative and responsibility.  Learn more about Kenn.

Adrian Gonzalez, President, Adelante SCM & Host of Talking Logistics

Adrian is a trusted advisor and leading industry analyst with more than 18 years of research experience in transportation management, logistics outsourcing, global trade management, social media, and other supply chain and logistics topics. Adrian’s keynote will focus on themes in logistics and supply chain.  Learn more about Talking Logistics.



Major General Vinny Boles, Army Officer, Best-selling author, and speaker

With Vinny, you have a leader who has done more than read a textbook on the subject of leadership and logistics. You have a career Army officer with 33 years of experience in staying ready for war and, when needed, leading teams into that war. MGen Boles’ keynote will bring thought-provoking ideas around leveraging the links in your supply chain.  Learn more about Major General Boles.