TrackIt allowed us to schedule our work load and accurately predict when a truck would arrive on a jobsite or return to the plant. It gave us the necessary tools to plan our day ahead instead of flying by the seat of our pants. It more than paid for itself within the first year of use.

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Automation & Visibility

Stop spending time manually creating jobs and maintaining special pricing.

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Improve Speed and Accuracy with Libra Drum Controls

Consistently delivering with both speed and quality is the key to return business and grow a customer base. Libra Drum ensures you can configure, calibrate, and control your plant to serve your customers each and every day.

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Capture real-time visibility and control of your production operation.

Eliminate inaccurate and inefficient processes that waste time and materials.

Maximize plant productivity with proactive maintenance notifications.

Keeping you in perfect control

Operate exactly how you want to with a clear and concise, fully graphic interface that provides 100% visibility into plant operations.

Completely configurable

Use unlimited custom software switches to meet the needs of your plant now and well into the future.  

Calibrate with ease

Allow for multiple calibrations per bin and reduce tedious, manual tasks associated with calibration processes - seeing up to 30% in calibration time reduction.

Get serious about plant performance and control
Libra Drum Controls
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"By far, Libra Drum is the easiest system to configure, calibrate, and operate."

Steve Fox | Highway Materials
Libra Drum
Get serious about plant performance and control

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Minimal hardware to install and maintain

Extend the value with Silo Safety System

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