Are you currently managing your inventory and replenishment planning with spreadsheet updates and telephone calls?


Not only is this like juggling cats, but in many instances you are making real-time decisions based on outdated information.

How can you turn concrete demand into material demand fast enough to eliminate the gaps in communication that are inherent to the ready mix supply and demand equation?

During a recent visit with Jacob Davis, Operations Manager at Wayne Davis Concrete, he explained how supplyCONNECT automatically and instantly juggles the pieces of the supply and demand puzzle for him, saving him time, and eliminating the “information gap”.

See how Jacob responds to the questions below.

How does supplyCONNECT deliver visibility to enable all of your daily decision making?


How does supplyCONNECT allow you to easily adjust to changing conditions and requirements?


How much time does supplyCONNECT save you everyday?

About Wayne Davis Concrete

Wayne Davis Concrete is the largest family owned ready mix producer serving the West Georgia area.  Operations currently include 14 ready mix plants and a fleet of over 100 ready mix trucks.  Services also include the supply of crushed stone, sand, block, and related masonry products.  The company was founded in 1971 and currently employs 185 professionals.


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