Quality Control Expertise Delivers Value to Industry Systems and Processes

Command Alkon is proud to announce that employees Bob Phare and Charlene Hohl are patent award recipients for United States Patent No. 9,533,429 – System and Process for Mixing Concrete Having Desired Strength Characteristics.  The underlying technology relates to a method and system for rapidly determining the predicted strength of concrete prior to pouring the concrete.  The system and process provides for a database storing concrete family characteristics that may be updated as actual strength of poured concrete is determined.  The process also allows construction workers to pour concrete with a keener knowledge of the resulting concrete strength.

Congratulations to these employees for their lasting contributions to Command Alkon and the industry.

Bob Phare has been with Command Alkon for 40 years, serving in product design and management and system architecture roles throughout his career. He also holds a patent related to the Command Alkon Moisture Probe Technology.  Charlene Hohl has been with Command Alkon for 20 years in programming and product management roles and currently serves as the COMMANDqc Development Manager.