Bulk Materials

Aggregate Quarry Automation & Hauling

Eliminate wasted time and lost revenue at the quarry and on the road with site automation technologies, advanced scale ticketing and back office applications and hauler quoting, dispatch and billing systems. .

Apex Aggregates

Apex Automate

HaulIt Aggregates

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Asphalt Production, Loadout & Hauling

Automate and integrate asphalt batching, loadout, and ticketing and simplify and expedite hauler quoting, dispatch and billing processes.

Apex Asphalt

Apex Automate

HaulIt Asphalt

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Cement Terminal Automation & Hauling

Take control of cement inventory and transportation costs by gaining visibility into all terminal operations and tying together sales, dispatch, office, and transportation management.

Apex Cement

Apex Automate

HaulIt Cement

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Liquid Transport

Powerful hauler quoting, dispatch and billing for your liquid transport needs.

HaulIt Liquid

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Dump Trucking

Control your hauling costs and make money each and every day.


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Supply Chain Enablement


Empower the players in your supply chain with the visibility needed to collaborate on material and delivery needs, cycle times, and all aspects of the supply and demand equation.



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Business Intelligence

Turn your data into information that empowers you to make the right decisions, both at an operational and strategic level.


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Orchestrate the flow of data directly from operations into the office, to improve the accuracy and timeliness of all of your back office and human resources processes.



As well as solutions for Enterprise Content Management.

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