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Spectrum offers the full range of standard functions you demand for automation of concrete ready mix batching - detailed reports, potentially unlimited mix designs, ingredient listings, projects and customer information, reliable and accurate moisture measurement, slurry mixing, and much more.

Spectrum allows materials to be introduced into the cycle with flexibility unmatched by other systems. The system is digital throughout, making drifting scale values next to impossible. You can test automatically for load cell failure, potentially saving you from bad loads, wasted material, and unhappy customers.

Up to three separate Spectrum systems can be remote controlled directly and simultaneously from a single Spectrum operator workstation. The system provides for up to four additional users using low cost remote color terminals to access and use inventory, mix designs, projects, customer records, maintenance, and orders.

Remote batching and remove diagnostics are supported by the system and Spectrum's WinLink allows your Windows 95 or later PC to access up to 50 plants and have complete administrative control of all their Spectrum files.

Spectrum consists of a standard PC connected to the I/O system with just one cable. Connections are reliable, repair, if needed, is fast, and the manual station has been "future-proofed" to allow simple upgrades and the capacity for advanced operating systems. The system can be expanded to 96 Input/Outputs points, and is further expandable to a 192!

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Command Alkon is committed to extending the life of your investment. We do this by offering an economical EZ PATH migration from Spectrum to COMMANDbatch. With this option, a modern, state-of-the-art batching system can be had for significantly less money and time than total system replacement. And as Command Alkon continues to advance the technology and capabilities of COMMANDbatch, your company, through software upgrades, will be assured of keeping pace with future changes.