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Read-Mixed Concrete Dispatch

COMMANDconcrete is a Windows-based concrete dispatching solution that provides all the standard features you need to service your customers: 
Order Entry
Dynamic Scheduling
Truck Tracking

The application offers a broad and in-depth set of features based upon over 36 years of industry exposure and inputs from industry leaders.

COMMANDconcrete assists concrete producers with increasing dispatch efficiency, improving truck utilization, reducing delivery costs, and providing timely and accurate operational information to enhance decision-making within your company.

COMMANDconcrete can be configured for the central or plant dispatch model of operations and is relevant whether your business is operating several trucks from one location or several hundred trucks from multiple locations.  COMMANDconcrete seamlessly integrates with Command Alkon back office, batching, signaling, and quality control products, as well as applications from other industry-recognized manufacturers, to provide a consistent flow of information and business operations across your enterprise. 

Ready-Mixed Concrete Dispatch

The Integra Ready Mix Dispatch Module allows you to match vehicle and material resources to contractor requirements — in a profitable and productive manner. As leading ready mix producers will attest, this module is an ideal dispatching tool for fleets ranging from tens to hundreds of trucks.
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Ready-Mixed Concrete Booklet
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Product Descriptions:
Order Entry and Ticketing (CC-OE)
Map Order Entry (CC-MO)
Map Truck Tracking (CC-MT)
Order Monitoring (CC-OM)
Truck Tracking (CC-TT)
Dynamic Scheduling (CC-DS)
Material Manager (CC-MM)
Product Sales Option (CC-PS)
Sample Scheduling (CC-SS)
Scheduling Reports (CC-SH)
Time Analysis Reports (CC-TA)
Pricing & Prep (CC-PP)
Audit (CC-AU)
Network (CS-NW)
COMMANDsignal Interface (CC-MS)
3rd Party Signaling IF (CC-MST)
COMMANDsignal Autostatusing
Third Party Autostatusing
Batch Panel Interface (CC-SB2)
Color Dispenser Interface (CC-CDI)
Concrete Production Manager
Two-way Batch IF (CC-CAI2B)
Third Party Two-way Batch IF (CC-SB2)
Caller ID (CC-CA-ID)
Time and Attendance Utility (CS-TAU)
Data Archiving (CS-DA)
Back Office

What does the industry say?
"No matter what you need to know you can find it on your workstation. If I happen to answer the phone and the customer says they meant to dial dispatch, it’s not a problem. With a few mouse clicks I can tell him or her exactly where their concrete is. So much information is available from the integrated system (COMMANDseries) and accessible from your desk, that you are always connected, informed and in control. Now that’s customer service."
Kitty Hoyle
Wellington Hamrick